5 Trending YouTube Media and Marketing Channels You Should Follow Straight Away

Blog6 - 5 Trending YouTube Media and Marketing Channels You Should Follow Straight Away

In the tech age that is advancing every second of every day, it is always best to keep an eye out for what’s hip and happening. 2017 saw a lot more of videos being published on social media platforms, and it is no wonder that a lot of media and marketing influencers also have their own YouTube channels.

If you are a young entrepreneur or professional marketer, it might be a good idea to subscribe to some of these influencers’ channels. They offer audiences real-time news and useful marketing tips and tricks, that is always welcome in any professional marketers arsenal. In this post, we discover 5 of the best media and marketing YouTube channels that you absolutely have to subscribe to!

#1 Mashable

Yes, this is an unmissable channel and site for any marketer or media specialist. The company is known for sharing the latest in tech, media, and digital marketing news. Of course, they also throw a bit of entertainment into the mix to keep things light!

#2 HubSpot

This is not the first time this marketing giant features on one of our lists, and it really does not come as a surprise! HubSpot prides themselves on inbound marketing, bridging the gap between consumers and service providers and adding actual, real value to everyone’s lives. Be sure to subscribe to their channel for the latest in the inbound news.

#3 Neil Patel

Our list would be bare without a mention of Neil Patel. Business owner and marketer extraordinaire, you really have to live underneath a rock if you haven’t heard of him before. His channel features tons of marketing related videos, giving everyone in the industry real-time, on-trend advice for their marketing efforts.

#4 HuffPost

More of a media channel, but still a great one to subscribe to! If you haven’t read an article on the HuffPost blog yet, you should definitely head on over there for some high-quality content and good reading. Their YouTube channel is the same – high-quality video content and articles that can cause a stir. To keep updated with all the latest news, be sure to subscribe to this channel.

#5 Moz

Last but not the least, Moz. We have also featured them on another list, but it is just because this company is incredible when it comes to digital marketing and SEO insights. If you want to become an SEO buff, this is definitely a channel you should subscribe to.

To read more on some of these influencers, head on over to this article.

We hope you have found this article insightful and that you will go subscribe to at least one of the channels mentioned here. Remember, digital marketing and media is an open conversation and everyone is invited to partake! If you have any marketing or media related questions, be sure to get in touch with one of our team members.

We’re pretty sure you cannot wait to start discovering some of the YouTube channels we have highlighted in this post. We won’t keep you waiting. Happy watching and learning!

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