The 3 Most Competitive and Challenging Industries to Promote Online

In advertising professionals usually adopt a positive outlook and believe that they can sell anything to anyone. But sometimes, this can be quite difficult. It all depends on the industry, product and what the market looks like.

If competition is quite fierce, and you are trying to promote an industry that is not easily accepted by a large portion of the world’s population, you have your work cut out for you. But that is the point of marvellous marketing done correctly.

If approached with the right goals and objectives, followed by a failsafe marketing strategy and flawless execution, promoting any business can be a breeze. Being prepared for any challenges you may face is the key to success.

Here, we put three industries under the microscope for investigation. These industries are considered to be the most competitive and challenging to promote online, for various reasons. Let’s get started.

Adult Entertainment

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Adult entertainment poses many obstacles and challenges in terms of promotions. Thanks to several laws, promoting such products or services is practically impossible. Some of the biggest brands in adult entertainment are forced to hire exceptional digital marketers to ensure they get to reach their potential buyers.

These agencies often specialise in offering marketing solutions for adult entertainment companies and know the ins and outs of legislation regarding the promotion of adult entertainment online.

Several precautions have to be in place to ensure that the intended audience is reached, and underage individuals are not exposed to explicit content.


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While gambling is less frowned upon than adult entertainment, it is an extremely competitive industry. There are dozens of online casinos looking for new punters to join their platforms and making sure they get all the signups they need can be challenging.

The promotion of gambling and online casinos also has to follow and adhere to a strict set of rules and regulations. This is to ensure that problem gambling is not promoted, and that underage gambling is prohibited.

A common marketing tactic employed by the majority of online casino establishments is to offer new signups handsome welcome bonuses to get them to join.


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And finally, alcohol much like the tobacco industry is another industry that is competitive and difficult to promote online. It is illegal to advertise and sell alcoholic beverages to underage individuals, which makes it difficult to place ads in the right place.

Have you ever noticed that you have to enter your age when entering a brewery, vineyard or any alcohol-related product’s site? This is to protect both consumers and companies while abiding by the advertising of harmful substances legislation.

There are also a lot of trends in the alcohol industry, just think about craft beer and gin. This boom led to a massive market where companies have to go head-to-head to increase sales.

These industries must rely on the skill and know-how of marketing professionals to get their advertisements in front of the right market legally. Without the skills of these professionals, companies in these industries would have a hard time selling their products.

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